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Founder of Original Sound Studios, Jose Hernandez 


Jose Hernandez

Much can be said about Mexican American pianist, guitarist, singer, and pedagogue Jose Hernandez. If

you ask him though, his biggest joy is to see his student’s progress. It makes him proud to be able to give his students the tools to facilitate their musical journey.

From the tender age of 3 you could find Jose strumming his guitar and singing at church. At the age of 6, to his delight, his mother started him with formal music training on the piano. Later, he also studied the saxophone, clarinet, flute, and violin. He continued to play music through high school and later graduated from the University of California, Berkeley. Music opened many doors for him as he toured internationally with choirs, played at some prestigious concert halls, and collaborated with hundreds of artists to date.

Nevertheless, Jose believes in the value of being a lifelong student of music. Although he has been a

professional musician for many years, and a music

teacher for over a decade, he still feels that childlike wonder when it comes to music and would not want it any other way.

As a teacher, Jose believes that everyone is here for a reason, and that the greatest gift you can impart

is to find and contribute your original sound.


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